Tremolo & Vibrato

Aqueduct_tn Aqueduct Vibrato

Vibrato w/ 8 modulation modes: pitch-wobbles, pulsations, rapid trills, squiggles, whammy bar effects

clarinot_tn Clari(not)

Vibrato/chorus/wow and flutter simulator

DeepSpacePulsar_tn Deep Space Pulsar


DeluxePlusweb_tn DeluxePlus

The sun’s out and the surf’s up, broham!

MrBlack Deluxe Plus Harmonic_tn DeluxePlus Plus

designed to bring one classic, and one rare sound (spring reverb and harmonic-vibrato) to whatever amp you’re using

electricyggdrasil_tn Electric Yggdrasil

A subtle & strange vibrato/tremolo.

Boss_DlxRev-tn Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb FDR-1

recreates the legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp

Galapagos_tn Galapagos

Designed to emulate the beautiful, amp like sine wave pulse.

LomaPrieta_tn Loma Prieta

A gritty, Harmonic Tremolo with four Wave-Shape

moth_tn M.O.T.H.

It flutters, zips, and can fly transparently through the air.

memento_tn Memento

A kill-switch with a memory

EQD Night Wire_tn Night Wire

Responsive to your picking/attack. From subtle and shimmery or full-on throbbing. Several Filter options as well.

Optune_tn Optune

Sloshy vibrato with optical sensor.

Polaris_tn Polaris

The North Star wobbler.

SonarVex_tn Sonar

This unit has the ability to chop up any signal you send into or out of it.

TelegraphStutter_tn Telegraph Stutter

Hand controlled kill-switch

tremolo probe_tn Tremolo Probe

A proximity controlled volume/tremolo.

Tremolo2_tn Tremolo2

Tap tempo, selectable waveforms, and a choice of 8 rhythms


Tap-tempo stereo tremolo

DC_TwinStags_tn Twin Stags

Offering trem speeds from “are you sure it’s going?” slow to “ring mod” fast.

MXRUniVibe_tn Uni-Vibe® M68

delivers the same chewy, Leslie-sounding goodness as the 60’s classic

CB_valcoder_tn Valcoder

A tremolo with driveability

ZVEX_Vobrophase_tn Vibrophase

Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

Lovetone Wobulator

Stereo Tremolo/Pan