Pitch Shifting & Octave Generator

Bit Commander Ltd Ed Color

Analog Octave Synth Pedal


transform your instrument into a convincing full body, electric organ or vintage electronic keyboard.

Data Corrupter

takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is multiplied, divided, and modulated.”


An overdrive, sub octave generator, and resonant filter with expression pedal input

Mini Octaves

A super-small polyphonic pitch-transposer, deliver one octave above and one octave below the root.

Particle 2

3 granular delay modes. 3 pitch modes

Pitch Bay

A Dirty Polyphonic Harmonizer


Two-voice harmony effects pedal w/ MASH expressive footswitch

Rainbow Machine V2

Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer w/ Flexi-Switch


a digital delay with a pitch shifter integrated into the feedback loop.

Sub ‘N’ Up

Delivers flawless octave tones whether playing complex chords or single-note lines


live reverse and tape stop effects, pitch shifting, time stretching


Add an excellent, swelling octave up to anything your heart desires!

Wicked Jawn

WICKED JAWN combines EAE’s Model FET with our Octave Jawn mod, a digital octave up and down.

Wizard of Pitch

A 32 bit pitch-shifting adventure