Lovetone-Flanger-tn ?: The Flanger With No Name

spaceships and assorted single-engined air transport

ADA.Flanger90s.SBSreference_tn ADA Flanger

90’s reissue of the late 70’s classic

FlatLight_obne_tn Flat Light

From pitch shifting flanger to resonant metallic swooshes

MXR Micro Flanger-tn Micro Flanger

faithful recreation of the classic ’80s analog flanger

Pyramids_tn Pyramids

Stereo Flanger with five presets, eight modes and tap tempo.

Shepard_tn Shepard’s End

This is the world’s first Barber Pole Through-Zero Flanger.

Mr_Black_Tunnelworm-tn TunnelWorm (Discontinued)

Tubular Through-Zero Flanging has finally been captured!

CI Pedalflanger-tn Tycobrahe Pedalflanger

a faithful recreation of one of the rarest pedals ever made

Maxone Vintage Jet Riser-tn Vintage Jet Riser VJR-9

a modern take on those swirling, streaking, psychedelic sounds of the ’70s

cb_zeropoint_tn Zero Point

A REAL TIME modulation effect