Envelope & Filter

maxon-af9_tn AF9 Auto Filter

Three selectable filter types (Low Pass, Band Pass, and Hi Pass) and a frequency range of 100 Hz – 4 kHz

Fuzzrocious Croak SBS_tn CROAK

An Expressive Double Filter Fuzz

FwonkBeta_tn FwonkBeta

it may seem like a simple envelope filter, the FwonkBeta is actually a Purple Funk Generator

gears_tn Gears

An overdrive, sub octave generator, and resonant filter with expression pedal input

DC_Happiness_tn Happiness

A new world of synth inspired tones and textures with low pass, band pass, and high pass filtering.

Neutrino_tn Neutrino

The harder you pick, the harder it “wahs”!

outsider_tn Outsider

A parametric eq/fixed wah effect that adds a throaty rasp to leads and chords.

Yellowcake_Psych_tn Psychotropia

A sample/hold filter with a glide knob option

LTD ED BLACK EQD RAINBOW MACHINE_tn Rainbow Machine Black on Pink

Same great Rainbow Machine in a limited edition Black & Pink enclosure.

Chunk_AgentFunk-tn Sold Out: Agent 00Funk Mark II

a dripping wet bass envelope filter

EQDSpatial_Delivery_tn Spatial Delivery V1

In the Sample and Hold mode the filter is controlled by random voltage and the Range controls the speed.