MXR_BassCompressor-tn Bass Compressor M87

your favorite studio compressor in a footpedal

BassistLimitingAmp_tn Bassist

true high-fidelity compression and limiting

Compressimiser.Hilbish_tn Compressimiser

Compressimiser is a studio quality compressor squeezed into a two-knob signal smashing machine

Compressor_Top_tn Compressor

Studio grade, transparent compressor

CompPro_tn Compressor Pro

Powerful, with Attack, Release, Auto Mode, Hard/Soft Knee

maxon-cp101_tn CP101 Compressor

clean, smooth compression with ultra low-noise and incredible transparency

InstLooPVex_tn Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato.

EQD Warden_tn Warden V2

an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units.