Echo-X Delay


ECHO-X digital delay (& Igor) mini-pedal

Delay speed and feedback amount controlled by Igor foot controller (supplied)
Oscillates great at extreme settings
Does echo-swoop effects in real-time while you’re playing
540ms of delay time
Effects ‘send’ function allows sounds to echo away while you carry on playing dry
Input control and indicator for optimum signal-to-noise
Deeply cool Rainger FX mini-pedal steel enclosure
Makes echo ‘accents’ and crescendos
Can go into total oscillation melt-down when required
Slight low-end roll-off of repeats gives irresistible ‘dub’ flavour
No side sockets at all – they’re all top end-mounted! Amazing!

Rainger FX is a north west London-based guitar effects company, designing and building new kinds of effects pedals for today’s electric guitarists.

Price: $155
Manufacturer: Rainger FX
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Yellow