EarthQuaker Day 2019

An 11 hour drive, amazing music, tons of musical gear, and great people. For the 2nd year in a row took 90 West in a car full of cds and snacks bound for Akron, OH. Made our way to that magickal place that has produced Airships, Devo, and the Rainbow Machine.

EarthQuaker Day sure was a lot of fun. We even donated some of our favorite books, penned by Boston area musical authors, to the EQD raffle.

Here’s some photos and a  handful of blurry, blownout Instagram videos:


EQD_19_Moog EQD_19_SBSbooks  EQD_19_ModularAfterneath EQD_19_Elsa EQD_19_Carbonetti EQD_19_Joe


Live Clips of:

Lisa Bella Donna
Party of Helicopters