Distorted Electric Banjo

“I went to Stompbox Sonic because I has just recently made my banjo electric and was interested in trying out some distortion pedals with it. I made an appointment and met with Adam. Adam is extremely knowledgeable about what all the pedals can and can’t do and had picked out specific pedals and set them up before my visit that he thought would best produce the sound I was looking for. Adam was so patient and kind while I tried all the pedals for a few hours and answered all my many questions. He did an excellent job identifying pedals that would be a good fit for my instrument and explained why he had chosen those pedals for me to try. He also picked a wide variety of different sounding pedals so I really could hear and compare many different sounds and see what felt right to me. I went into the appointment with very limited knowledge of pedals and left with the perfect pedal as well as various others that I would like to purchase in the future. Both Adam and Jen have also been very helpful recommending amps as well. I am very impressed with Stompbox Sonic and felt very respected and listened to while they helped me reach my unique goal of playing a distorted electric banjo. I highly recommend and feel thankful for this business and have spread the word to every musician I know.” –Chris Pienta