SmallSound BigSound_Buzzz

A highly modified take on the classic and epically gnarly superfuzz circuit… made more super! i have always loved the beautifully discordant harmonics and searing fuzztones available in the original but as goes with everything, i felt the need to mess with the circuit and expand upon it.

the smallsound/bigsound buzzz keeps the standard superfuzz sounds – a scrambled and clangy fuzz with pronounced upper octaving and lower harmonics/sub-frequencies – and adds additional controls to access milder dirty boost and drive tones, gated sputter and low buzz-tones.

the highly interactive controls include a wider gain range, voltage starve, gain modifier toggle, passive LPF, octave on/off and tone-blast toggle make for a surprisingly versatile fuzz capable of overdrive, buzzsaw fuzz and blistering octavia.

so many folks wanted the octave on a footswitch. wait no! …the tone-blast on a footswitch. wait no! octave! tone-blast! ok ok, i relented and gave buzzz the ability to toggle the left footswitch function between either tone-blast or octave… the choice is yours!


Price: $200
Manufacturer: smallsound/bigsound
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Black & White