Best Sellers of 2021

SBS Best Sellers 2021 pt1 SBS Best Sellers 2021 pt2

These were the most sought after effects here at Stompbox Sonic in 2021:

  1. Longsword v4.5: Distortion from Electronic Audio Experiments
  2. Astral Destiny: Octal Octave Reverb by EarthQuaker Devices
  3. Hizumitas: WATA Fuzz from EarthQuaker Devices
  4. Hypersleep v2: BBD Reverb courtesy of Electronic Audio Experiments
  5. Martyr Box: 2-stage gain device by Nerdknuckle Effects
  6. Afternealth V3: Otherworldly Reverb from EarthQuaker Devices
  7. T-120: Videotape Echo by Demedash Effects
  8. Li’l Fella: Overdrive/Distortion from Fuzzrocious
  9. Thought Forms: Runway Feedback/Oscillations by Midfi Electronics
  10. Sunlight: Dynamic Reverb from Old Blood Noise Endeavors

In crunching the numbers we found people are quite fond of the pedal builders here in Boston, MA as well in Akron, OH. EarthQuaker is based in Akron while Electronic Audio Experiments, Nerdknuckle, and Midfi are all based in and around Boston.

You all have a particular attraction to reverb and fuzz/distortion. In fact, 50% of all effects we sold this year were reverbs.

We look forward to all the music you will create with these effects in the year(s) to come! Stay save & make some noise.