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We are vending at the Red on Red Holiday in Maynard: Saturday 12/17/22

Mid-Riff Podcast

Jen & Adam featured in ep. #57

October 29th: New England Synth Fest

Souldier Straps!

Souldier Guitar Straps & Wrist Cuffs

Revenge of EarthQuaker Day

EarthQuaker Returns! August 6th 2022

LOE Sounds

Reinventing classic fuzzes and forging original designs

Cheese Ball

JHS pays tribute to the Lovetone Big Cheese

Sitar Swami

A kaleidoscopic mix of octave, flange, and fuzz

BBG Launch Party: April 21st 2022

Let’s celebrate the launch of the Boston chapter of Beats By Girlz Thursday, April 21st at The Record Co.

New Arrivals: March 18th 2022

100 watts or Orange Rockerverb & a limited ed. Afterneath

Music Collectibles Extravaganza

April 2022 in Boxborough, MA: The Music Collectibles Extravaganza


Mid 2000’s interpretation of the IC Big Muff

Engine of Ruin

Made in conjunction with Dylan Carlson of Earth

ADA Flanger

90’s reissue of the late 70’s classic


Wall of Fuzz

Golden Reverberator

Digital Models of 3 classics: Tube Spring, Plate 140, Hall 224


Jfet boosted op amp drive with MOSFET clipping

Wilderness 1.5

an analog-voiced delay with up to 1000 milliseconds of delay time


HELLSTACHE v2 Collab. w/ God City)

2021Reference Library

A few of the additions to our reference library

Best Sellers of 2021

Most sought after effects of 2021

Favorite Music: 2021

The music we listed to & loved from 2021

Wata Fuzz

velvet wrapped fuzz inspired by Boris guitarist Wata.


Stereo Tremolo/Pan


‘90s British shoegaze meets ‘90s Swedish death metal

12 Years of Stompbox Sonic

No party or cake this year. Just sweet, sweet pedals. Join our mailing list to learn how we are celebrating.

Amythyst Kiah – Sound Tasting

Amythyst Kiah

Electric Ocean

Live at the beach all year long with this chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.


Fumio Mieda reinvents the Univibe.

BIT -The Legend of Fuzz

While not a bit crusher it can produce some 8-bitish gnarlyness.

FX 25 Envelope Filter

The classic green Auto-Wah

Guitar Star

Noise gate w/ unique envelope shaping capabilities

Spring King

Real spring reverb with a kick pad for thunderous crashes.


a mesmerising twin oscillator phaser/vibrato from the UK

MF-102 Ring Modulator

conjures beautiful tremolo effects or create bizarre and robotic resonations.

Wombtone MKII

smooth phase tones w/ endless possibilities

Fender Blender

An intense late fuzz w/ octave up and clean blend.

Moon Canyon

A collaboration w/ Noveller

Headrush E1

Digital delay and looper that can simulate a 4 head tape echo

Reference Library

  323 Effects/Pure Salem Pink Beard Fuzz    High Gain Transister Fuzz A/DA Flanger (90’s reissue) Abominable Electronics  Anxious Echo (Coliseum Sig.)    Fuzz/Delay Alesis (ModFx)  Bitrman Phlanger Arion    Digital Delay /Sampler DDS-1    Digital Delay Black Cat OD-1 Blackout Effectors Mantra (Ltd […]

Space Echo RE-201

The legendary Space Echo tape delay.

Pink Beard

Modern, high-gain transistor fuzz

Tera Echo TE-2

a dynamic stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond traditional delay

Black Cat Guitar Rangebooster

A modern, NOS take on the Range Master Treble Booster

What’s Happening?

We are keeping busy over here at Stompbox Sonic. Buying n’ selling pedals, providing effects consultations, and preparing for a Guitar Show (Northeast Guitar Expo May 23rd)! Follow us over on Instagram for all the latest news.

Spring Cleaning 2021

2021 Spring Cleaning: Sale!

Favorite Music 2020

Thankful to have music to turn to…

New Webstore!

Our online store launched today

Delay Workstation

Dual High End DSP Delay/Reverb with Tap Temp

Time Shadows

sub-harmonic delay resonator

Stompbox Books

Ever since the Sixties, fuzzboxes, wah-wahs, phase shifters and a vast range of guitar effects pedals have shaped the sound of music as we know it. Now there are two books celebrating these devices and the community of guitarists who […]

Warden V2

an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units.

Support Small Business, Support the music.

2020 has hit hard. Small businesses and musicians are struggling, as are many, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you are shopping please consider supporting independent companies in your community. Friday November 27th through Monday November 30th we are offering […]

Bit Commander Ltd Ed Color

Analog Octave Synth Pedal

420 Fuzz V2

an original fuzz boasting an EL5420csz quad op-amp that creates two different gated fuzz circuits


An Expressive Double Filter Fuzz


a solid-state analog reverberator w/ a dark, fluttery decay

Context 2

Inspired by 1980’s rack mount reverbs. With 8 algorithms, including gated, reverse, plate, and granular modes

Particle 2

3 granular delay modes. 3 pitch modes

Rad Sickness

3x silicon active booster. this sucker is nuclear

Anxious Echo

A combination echo and vintage style octave fuzz


natural sounding drive w/ interesting pre/post gain eq

Bi-Mode Chorus BCL

Two independent LFOs

Metal Charger MS10

A late 80’s/early 90’s take on cranked British amps

Bongripper V2

Collaboration between Fuzzrocious and Bongripper.

Phase Lag

An organic, psychedelic, atmospheric vintage phaser

Teenage Fanboost

A linear boost w/ a 6 way frequency selector switch developed for Teenage Fanclub


EAE upends the world of analog delay

San Bernadino

Hand wired overdrive from Boston based builder/Blue Man Group shredder


Compressimiser is a studio quality compressor squeezed into a two-knob signal smashing machine

Sol Invictus

A super versatile Sunn inspired dual channel distortion and preamp covers a lot of heavy ground!


Developed with the Melvin’s King Buzzo, to capture his unique distortion tones.

Sales Tax Holiday 2020

There’s a Sales Tax Holiday in Massachusetts this weekend!


Feature packed! With 30 different delay types


Klon inspired overdrive with the Lone Wolf touch

Life Pedal V1

An octave fuzz inspired by the Shin-Ei FY2 & FY6 units leads the circuit into a LM308 brutal rodent big box distortion,

Screaming Females Woolly Mammoth

A one-of-a-kind hand painted W.M. pedal by Marissa Paternoster, singer and guitarist of the Screaming Females

DeluxePlus Plus

designed to bring one classic, and one rare sound (spring reverb and harmonic-vibrato) to whatever amp you’re using

Remote Consultations

Now booking remote effects consultations.


Belton based reverb inspired by vintage Ampegs

RE-20 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal!

Don’t have the words, can’t stay silent

We have been reflecting on ways we can be allies, be supportive and bring about positive change. We will be listening, learning, finding creative ways to help. We will be supporting artists and organizations committed to equality and ending injustice. […]

Broadway Treble Booster

a wide spectrum of “Telecaster-esque & Rangemaster inspired tones

Dude Incredible

Inspired by the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini/Shellac

Mini Chorus

modeled after the original late 70’s “Ensemble” chorus that started it all

Mini Octaves

A super-small polyphonic pitch-transposer, deliver one octave above and one octave below the root.


powerful infinite sustain, rich in harmonic

Afterneath V3

Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator

Strings & Such

A selections of strings, cables, odds, and sods.

Twin Lazers

this is true-stereo phase shifting at its finest

Family Photo

Family photo: Pedal friends & Voltron

“Jane Doe” Box of Metal

a one of a kind hand painted version of ZVEX’s heaviest-sounding pedal

Crush Mini

3watt battery powered British crunch

Music in the Time of Quarantine

Hey Everyone, Much like you, we are doing our best to stay home, stay safe, and keep positive. It has taken some time to figure how best to move forward. Is that even possible? Well, we gotta try. So much […]


explore guitar effects pedals as a tool for everyone


A big book about modular synths, their makers, and masters. Patching secrets, performance tips, history, modules, and techniques.


Meet the artists, designers, makers and their instruments and see how they have shaped the world of electronic music.


a fantastically versatile fuzz/overdrive/distortion peda

SBS10 Photos

Photos from SBS 10. November 8th 2019


Based on the Vox Super Beatle Distortion w/ enhanced EQ boosts


medium-gain device with the harmonic fullness and grind of a higher-gain pedal

Life Pedal

Chasms are cleared, mountains sheared, glaciers calved, novæ birthed.

112+ Drive Channel

The ultimate stacking preamp, vintage drive, booster, distortion, and much more

T-120 Deluxe

Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape

2019 Most Requested

These are the items most requested at Sound Tastings and private effects consultations: Plasma -Game Changer Miku Stomp -Korg Gizmotron Mechanical Bow -Gizmotron Enzo -Meris 420 Fuzz -Fuzzrocious Model feT -Electronic Audio Experiments Loma Prieta -Coppersound Wicked Jawn -Electronic Audio […]

Favorite Music 2019

Here is just a small sampling of the music we’ve enjoyed this year.          

2019 Best Selling Pedals

2019 Best Selling Pedals

Longsword V4

Op-Amp distortion wit a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone guitar, and bass

Celebrating 10 years of weird, dreamy, and fuzzed out sounds

Join as we celebrate a decade of igniting the creative process through effects pedals.

Wicked Jawn

WICKED JAWN combines EAE’s Model FET with our Octave Jawn mod, a digital octave up and down.


vintage style, modulating delay with the flexibility to control 5 parameters via control voltage jacks.

Dream Reaper

a fuzzy feedback modulation machine

Adventure Audio

Adventure Audio came by SBS HQ to deliver a few of their finest. The Dream Reaper Fuzz and Again Delay. You really need to check these out!

Rainbow Machine Black on Pink

Same great Rainbow Machine in a limited edition Black & Pink enclosure.

Zumix Block Party

We will be vending at the Zumix Block Party! Your Stompbox Sonic pals will have three demo boards set-up. Two for guitar/bass. One for vocals. All pedals and accessories we bring to the event will be 15% off! Think of […]

Plasma Coil

High Voltage distortion circuit – converts audio signal into a series of Electrical discharges. ThirdMan Records Edition


A sample/hold filter with a glide knob option

Fried Gold

From “mild” overdrive to “tube-amp-about-to-explode.”

Furry Burrito

Ranging from warm overdrive to saturated fuzz

Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

mimics the unique distortion of the Sunn Concert Bass amplifier

TB-2 Tea Ball Microphone

hand made microphone from an actual tea ball

SBS 10th Birthday

EarthQuaker Day 2019

An 11 hour drive, amazing music, tons of musical gear, and great people. For the 2nd year in a row took 90 West in a car full of cds and snacks bound for Akron, OH. Made our way to that […]

Sometimes that xenon gas gets free….

Sorry, I couldn’t resist paraphrasing the Magnetic Fields classic, “Born on a Train,” changing neon to xenon gas. It’s a catchy tune and apropos for the Game Changer Plasma pedal. Which transforms your instrument’s signal into high-voltage electrical discharges within […]

Tax Free Holiday

Sunday the 18th, the State of Massachusetts is waiving the 6.25% sales tax. It’s a great time to save some dough on effects, instruments, and amps. To help you find that perfect new piece of gear we are offering free […]


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


a unique approach to
classic tube-like overdrive offering 3 different clipping voices, loads of headroom and almost three-dimensional clarity

Yellowcake Pedals

We are back from Summer NAMM and we’ve got lots of new gear making it’s way to SBS HQ. First up are Alabama’s Yellowcake Pedals. Makers of fine drives & filter effects. Detailed product pages coming soon!  

Top 100 Dealer

What an honor to be recognized by NAMM as one of the Top 100 Dealers of 2019. Over the past 10 years, as the effects community has blossomed, and the world has changed, we have overcome major challenges. We have […]

Drum Clinic w/ Hozoji Matheson-Margullis

Tuesday June 18th 2019 6pm-7pm Q Division Studio Stompbox Sonic and Girls Rock Campaign Boston present a drum clinic featuring Hozoji Matheson-Margullis of Helms Alee. Hozoji, sings and drums in the Seattle trio Helms Alee. Known for a beautiful and […]

Plus Pedal

Real-time audio micro-sampling & sustain


A high-voltage distortion that converts your instrument’s signal into a rapid series of electric discharges

GRCB & SBS Gear Yard Sale

Memorial Day Weekend – Effects Sale

Distorted Electric Banjo

“I went to Stompbox Sonic because I has just recently made my banjo electric and was interested in trying out some distortion pedals with it. I made an appointment and met with Adam. Adam is extremely knowledgeable about what all […]

Rainbow Machine Retrospective

The Rainbow Machine is a whimsical creative tool. We were immediately smitten upon its release. Some love it, some dismiss it, others swear by it. The Rainbow Machine never fails to conjure a mischievous smile from any that wield it.  In […]

Loma Prieta

A gritty, Harmonic Tremolo with four Wave-Shape


Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

“This is a rarity in the ‘gear world.'”

“Adam and Jen at Stompbox Sonic approached us 2013 to become a dealer of our products for Fuzzrocious Pedals. We ourselves are a small business “mom and pop” shop like Stompbox Sonic and were immediately enamored with Adam and Jen […]

“I ended up using it on all the tracks.”

“I wanted to say thanks for the fuzz pedals Adam brought by for us when I was looking to finish up guitar parts on our upcoming Spectramotiv record. As you know I’m really particular about fuzzes (I was the one […]

“they helped me find pedals that enhanced my sound”

“I can’t say enough positive things about Stompbox Sonic. I met them at a Sound Tasting event 6 years ago and ever since they have become my go-to shop for effects pedals and other accessories. Jen and Adam are so […]

“…the psychic space for playful exploration”

“Stompbox Sonic’s sonic tastings are the only place I’ve felt free to try unfamiliar audio effects to my heart’s content (and inevitably fall in love with new sounds). Adam and Jen create the psychic space for playful exploration with gear […]

“and that time they let me play 200 pedalz!”

“On top of being overall awesome people and coming to many of a band of mine’s jam spaces so we could test out all sorts of awesome pedals before we buy AND having great selection AND so much pedal knowledge!! […]

Ottobit Jr

Arcade Dreams Reborn


Super-Modulated multiple tap delay


Multi-Voice Instrument Synthesizer


Inspired by the 1982 Bladerunner film soundtrack

Winter 2019

2019 is off to a great start. The Sound Tastings (Effects Consultations) are in full swing. So many talented customers, from varied musical backgrounds, on a myriad of instruments have left us inspired by the intrepid use of effects. We […]

Gizmotron 2.0: Bass

An electro-mechanical bowing device that produces string sounds such as cello, viola or violin.

Gizmotron 2.0: Guitar

An electro-mechanical bowing device that produces string sounds such as cello, viola or violin.

S & K Pedals

New Arrivals: S&K VHD and CMOSludge

Swiss Things

Pedalboard Reconciler. An ABY box with 2 effects loops.

“Thank you for the amazing pedal suggestion”

“Thank you for the amazing pedal suggestion (Mr. Black Eterna) and the handsome Couch Guitar Straps!” -Richard Murillo

“This place is awesome.”

“This place is awesome. I was looking for a Red Panda Tensor. Every store I contacted had a 3-month long waiting list. Stompbox got back to me immediately and 2 days later it’s mine! Can’t recommend them enough” -Andrew Merclean

Favorite Music: 2018

Low: Double Negative Yo la Tengo: There’s a Riot Going On Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe: S/T Kristin Hersh: Possible Dust Clouds Courtney Barnett: Tell Me How You Really Feel Emma Ruth Rundle: On Dark Horses Marissa Nadler: For My […]

2018 Best Sellers

Here are the 10 best selling effects from 2018. EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Reverb/Delay Klon KTR Overdrive Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star Pad Reverb Red Panda Tensor Timewarp EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master Reverb/Delay Coppersound Polaris Chorus/Vibrato Empress Echosystem […]

9th Birthday Celebration

Friday November 9th

Chaosmic Fuzz

A super fat growling synth fuzz, ripping upper-octave riff-inspiring thick fuzz and chaotic inter-modulating sonic destruction


A phaser with a delay inside.

RHFX Analog Phaser

An 8-stage analog Phaser gives warmth and richness and swirl to your tone

Aqueduct Vibrato

Vibrato w/ 8 modulation modes: pitch-wobbles, pulsations, rapid trills, squiggles, whammy bar effects

EarthQuaker Devices Clinic

Presented by StompboxSonic & Q Division Studios: Dive deep into EarthQuaker Devices with Operations Manager, Cory Juba! Get up close and hands-on with EarthQuaker Devices, ask questions, learn pro tips, and win FREE PEDALS! Now is your chance to understand […]


Crossing the divide between distortion + overdrive,


Stereo Flanger with five presets, eight modes and tap tempo.


true high-fidelity compression and limiting

Compressor Pro

Powerful, with Attack, Release, Auto Mode, Hard/Soft Knee


A thick, massive fuzz descended from the Muff bloodline.


A versatile 2-in-1 Overdrive & Boost w/ switchable order


Two-voice harmony effects pedal w/ MASH expressive footswitch


live reverse and tape stop effects, pitch shifting, time stretching

Brent Hinds Terror



Distortion with chorus or delay w/ selectable SERIES / PARALLEL operation

Flat Light

From pitch shifting flanger to resonant metallic swooshes

Signal Flow: Yoga & Effects

Movement is the soundtrack

Somerville Local & The Real School

We are going to be venturing out from our top secret pedal testing facility. Sunday February 11th we’ll have a booth at the SLF Valentine’s Artist Market at the Armory in Somerville. We will be debuting some new effects and […]

Hey 2018

Hi Everyone, It’s 2018. Stompbox Sonic begins making its way around the sun towards our ninth year of existence. How about a look back to a highlight from year eight (last year)? As you may have heard we did a […]

Park Fuzz

Vintage Germanium Fuzz Tone


A touch sensitive translucent overdrive as hot as a damn fine cup of coffee.

Rainbow Machine V2

Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer w/ Flexi-Switch

Avalanche Run V2

Stereo Reverb & Delay with Tap Tempo. With Flexi-Switch™ Technology

Celebrating 8 years & 200 Pedals

Inspiration To celebrate 8 years of chasing the creative spirit we wanted to do something big. This assembly of 200 effects was done as an homage to our friends, family, the pedal builders, companies, and musicians that have made Stompbox […]

Patches, Pins, Sweatshirts, and Books!

Pins, Patches, Sweatshirts, & Books

Giving Thanks & Saving Dough

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all the pie we are about to consume and for all you wonderful pedal folk. You’ve been keeping us going for 8 years! Hey, we wanna say thanks some more by offering 15% off […]

Getaway Driver

A ’70s amp in a box. Voiced on multiple vintage amplifiers, such as a 1972 ‘Pics Only’ Orange.

Fur Coat

Foxx inspired fuzz with adjustable octave.


12 ways to clip (distort/provide overdrive) your instrument or re-clip any effect that comes before it.

Audio Builders Workshop: Recap

  So much gratitude for everyone that attended, participated, and assisted with Sundays’s Audio Builders Workshop focusing on Massachusetts based effects builders. We had over 40 people attendance. Music lovers, musicians, recording engineers and aspiring pedal builders all come together […]

Data Corrupter

takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is multiplied, divided, and modulated.”

Memphis Sun

A Lo-Fi Reverb, Echo and Double-Tracker for capturing that classic Rock-and-Roll sound.

Abbey Chamber Verb

Soft Vintage Reverb – Keeley’s Recreation of Abbey Road Studio’s Echo Chamber

Gold Star

Three Mode Reverb: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged


Where huge chords, laden with harmonics, give way to undulating tremblings.


A mix of the Tone Bender MkII fuzz with a Rat distortion to create something that sings like a fuzz but is tight like a distortion.

Belle Epoch Deluxe

Faithfully reproducing the original EP-3 specifications part for part except with a 24-bit high-fidelity digital delay line taking the place of the tape cartridge.

Replicator Tape Echo

The goal was to make a tape echo unit that could nail the sound quality of the old echo units, but surpass them in features.

Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

A distortion that re-shapes the body of the note, instead of coating it with a noisy fizz.

American Metal

DOD’s first “modern” distortion and competitor of the HM-2.

Metal Valve Distortion

A two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine with a tube (valve) in it!

Audio Builders TV

Adam filmed a few segments for Audio Builders TV.  A collaboration between Audio Builders Workshop & Concord Carlisle High School. The goal was to demonstrate different ways of approaching the use of effects. Many current pedal builders have introduced unique […]