Audio Builders Workshop: August 20th

We are teaming up with the Boston Audio Engineering Society to bring you an afternoon New England based effects builders. The event will take place Sunday August 20th at Bridge Sound & Stage. From 12p-3p. The event is free but space is limited. Suggested donation of $10. Tickets & Event Details

The day will begin with a general meet and greet where attendees can test out pedals, ask questions, buy effects and geek out. After the meet and greet each builder will be front and center to present their effects, talk about how they got started building, first effects, favorite effects, white whales, approach to designing and tweaking pedals. When all of the builders have presented there will be a panel where all of the builders are asked questions by the audience.

Featured builders: NerdKnuckle Effects, Electronic Audio Experiments, Source Audio, Coppersound Pedals, Mid Fi Electronics, and Bill Finnegan of Klon.
STOMPBOX SONIC provides musicians with an extensive tonal palette for auditory exploration. Specializing in effects pedals (aka “stompboxes”) built by companies large and small, some locally crafted, some collected from around the world. Our goal is to ignite the creative spark and help you navigate all those switches and blinking lights to bring your music to life.

The Boston Audio Engineering Society (AES) is a 501(c)(3). Our work group, The Audio Builders Workshop, offers group-builds and seminars for anyone interested designing or building music production products. Our members are entrepreneurs, educators, and music professionals. Please consider donating to the AES so we can continue to put on great great events like this.

Bridge Sound & Stage, established in 2009 is a Cambridge based recording studio. Ready to handle all your recording, engineering, and post-production needs. Reasonable rates, convenient location.

Tickets & Event Details