“and that time they let me play 200 pedalz!”

“On top of being overall awesome people and coming to many of a band of mine’s jam spaces so we could test out all sorts of awesome pedals before we buy AND having great selection AND so much pedal knowledge!! For my brothers Christmas gift I was able to get him a gift card to get a pedal! He is newer to pedals and plays in a metal band so I had no clue what to get him BUT the folks from Stompbox were able to work with him to figure out what some of his tastes were and come out to his space to do a consult with him where he could use his rig with a great selection of pedals for him to try within the proposed budget amount I had set 🙂 How cool is that. It was like having the awesome metal gearhead/pedalhead expert sibling he never had!!

Oh yeah… and that time they let me play 200 pedalz!”
-Leesa Coyne (Lonely Lessa & the Lost Cowboys)