Aero AE-1




Discover new and creative possibilities with the Aalberg AERO Wireless Controller. Simply place it on your guitar, guitar strap or belt, making the effects become part of the guitar.

Store and recall different presets, improvise with different effect parameters in your guitar solo or instantly turn your effects ON/OFF for a clean guitar sound.

The AERO includes a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a standard USB-cable (included). After approximately two hours the battery is fully charged and gives you 30 hours of constant use. The AERO features state of the-art Bluetooth technology that allows up to 30m (98 ft.) range.

You can use one AERO with one pedal or one AERO with up to eight pedals: The possibilities are endless! To use the AERO controller, an Aalberg Audio effects pedal is required, as it solely works on these effects pedals.

Controls: Rotary Encoder dial, tap-tempo button, bypass ON/OFF, 3x preset buttons, Previous/Next buttons, LED indicator, ON/OFF slide switch, Micro- USB charging input.


Range: Up to 30 m (98 feet)

Battery life:

Up to 9 hours (constant usage)

Up to 60 hours standby

Price: $129
Manufacturer: Aalberg Audio
Dimensions: 2.9" x 1.7" x 1.2"
Color: Black