“they helped me find pedals that enhanced my sound”

“I can’t say enough positive things about Stompbox Sonic. I met them at a Sound Tasting event 6 years ago and ever since they have become my go-to shop for effects pedals and other accessories. Jen and Adam are so kind and welcoming and create an inviting, non-judgmental space for exploration of sounds. They have a stellar collection of boutique effects from local and national builders. They take an invested interest in your sound and curate a selection based on your needs, and they welcome you to play through your own gear to see how things sound. They are both open with their knowledge and through working with them I have learned so much about  pedals and have been introduced to a whole new world of unique sounds and innovative builders. They use their business as a platform to support talented builders and musicians and are an integral part of the Boston audio community.  Stompbox Sonic is a true gem – they helped me find pedals that enhanced my sound, and have provided the best music gear-buying experience I have ever encountered.“ Liz Walshak (SEA)