Paul C Tim SBS Reference

Paul C Tim Jacks SBS ReferencePaul Cochrane’s Tim OD/Boost.
Highly sculptable overdrive pedal. Produces a natural sounding, low to medium gain drive. Doesn’t compress like some pedals, a very open sound. Bass is pre-gain, Treble is post-gain.  The effects loop adds another level of versatility.

For years the only way to get one was through Paul’s Myspace page. Chris Johnson of Ghost Box Orchestra hipped me to this pedal nearly 10-12 years ago, while GBO was recording their first LP. We were always on the hunt for that magickal sound that is like no other but felt right at home once you began playing. He had high praise for the Tim so the quest began.

You may have seen Paul’s other pedal, the Timmy. Same great circuit but fewer things to twist, or send/return to.

Price: $NFS
Manufacturer: Paul C.
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Dark Blue