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ZVEX Jane BoxOfMetal_tn “Jane Doe” Box of Metal

a one of a kind hand painted version of ZVEX’s heaviest-sounding pedal

BASSTORTION Zvex_tn Basstortion

From subtle tube type grind, to all out crunch

box of metal_tn Box of Metal

a massive amount of distortion with a very effective noise-silencing gate

Double_Rock_Vexter_tn Double Box of Rock

Distortion/boost heaven!

FUZZOLO_tn Fuzzolo

A raging beast of a fuzz.

InstLooPVex_tn Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato.

LoFiLoop_tn Lo-Fi Loop Junky

A 20-second analog phrase-sampling looper

LOOP_GATE_tn Loop Gate

switch pedals in and out of your signal path at will with a cross-fade “mix” option, as well as creating tremolo-like sounds with “chop” mode.

Marissa Paternoster Woolly Mammoth

one-of-a-kind hand painted pedal by Marissa Paternoster

mastotron_tn Mastotron

a sub-heavy silicon fuzz with some new twists

soundtasting-tn Memorial Day Weekend – Effects Sale

Octane3_tn Octane 3

Sounds like a visit to a NASCAR event.

ZVEX Woolly Screaming Females_tn Screaming Females Woolly Mammoth

A one-of-a-kind hand painted W.M. pedal by Marissa Paternoster, singer and guitarist of the Screaming Females

SonarVex_tn Sonar

This unit has the ability to chop up any signal you send into or out of it.

ZVEX_concert_bass_mod_tn Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

mimics the unique distortion of the Sunn Concert Bass amplifier

TB-2_ZVEX_tn TB-2 Tea Ball Microphone

hand made microphone from an actual tea ball

tremolo probe_tn Tremolo Probe

A proximity controlled volume/tremolo.

ZVEX_Vobrophase_tn Vibrophase

Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

Vexter+Wah+Probe_tn Wah Probe

Proximity controlled wah pedal

Woolly_Mammoth_tn Woolly Mammoth

this incredibly sub-frequency-preserving unit will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard before

ZVEX_Woolly_7_tn Woolly Mammoth 7

Take the infamous Woolly Mammoth and add a Marshall style tone stack.

News item ZVEX: New Arrivals

  Newly arrived from ZVEX: The Woolly Mammoth 7 (Hand painted) -Adds a “Marshall” Tone Stack to the classic W.M. fuzz Wah Probe (Vexter) A wah you don’t touch! Sonar Tremolo(Vexter) Tap tempo tremolo and ramp-up/down, Basstortion (Vexter) SVT style, […]