Silvertone 1482 Amplifier

A 1960s Sears & Roebuck Silvertone 1482 Amplifier. These amps were introduced in the Fall/Winter 1963 Sears catalog and produced until Spring/Summer 1968. 15 watts, 12″ speaker, powered by 2 6V6  tubes. A pair of Silvertone branded tubes are in there. Possibly the originals?

This is the classic garage rock amp! Popular for its portability, price and sound. Side mounted vertical controls. Inputs on the the back for Instrument or Microphone. Its bold tube tone is simply wonderful. The 6V6’s give it a rich earthy quality. Like freshly tilled soil or a just brewed pot of dark roast coffee. The 1482 really growls when cranked. Nothing thin, brittle or plinky here. Absolutely fantastic tremolo. Dynamic and full. This little guy has been a studio favorite for many years. Now its ready to be your session sidekick.


Price: $SOLD
Manufacturer: Silvertone
Voltage: 117 V
Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 17
Color: gray leatherette