Overdrive Pro OD820

Maxon set the standard for overdrives with the OD808 – now they raise the bar with the OD820! Unique voltage-doubling circuitry offers increased headroom, yielding the smoothest, warmest, most transparent overdrive ever! The OD820’s specially designed circuit reacts precisely to every picking nuance and playing dynamic, making any instrument or amplifier come alive!

Overdrive and Blend? That’s right  the other secret weapon of the OD-820 lies in it’s blending of distorted and non-distorted signal to create its massive tone. The OD-820’s Drive knob does double duty, controlling both the amount of gain and the balance between distorted and non-distorted signal. Note that we said non-distorted signal rather than dry signal  this is because this signal is still processed through the tone section of the OD-820’s circuit before reaching the output. So, at the lowest Drive settings only non-distorted signal is sent to the output, providing the OD-820’s stunning clean boost tone.

Features true bypass switching and 9-volt battery or AC adapter operation (included).

Price: $220
Manufacturer: Maxon
Voltage: 9VDC (Battery) / 10VDC (included power supply)
Dimensions: 4 5/8" w x 6" d x 2 5/16" h
Color: green