Martin, renown for their acoustics briefly dabbled in electric solid bodies. This is one. The EB-18. This particular specimen was modded at some point to be more like the EB-28.
Looking for something with mojo? Vintage, player grade mojo, 70’s style? Well then sir or madam, this is it. Neck reminiscent of a Baseball bat yet perfectly comfortable to play. Wide range of tones on tap. Enjoy a historical anomaly while holding down the low end.

“Modified Viennese” headstock shape
Rosewood veneer overlay “CFM written on front.
Brass nut
Set mahogany neck
Adjustable truss rod
22 frets – 33.825″ scale
Pearl dot position markers (two dots on the seventh fret)
Basic double-cutaway satin-finished maple body with laminated strips of rosewood or walnut.
Original DiMarzio pickup
Aftermarket Jazz Bass pick-up
Bridge has been elevated to improve action & intonation.
Brass-plated steel rear control cover plate
Weighs approximately 9.25lbs

Check out this article in Vintage Guitar Magazine to learn more about this lovely evolutionary anomaly.

MartinHeadFront MartinHeadBack MartinBodyFront MartinBodyBackjpg

Price: $750
Manufacturer: Martin
Color: Blonde w/ Walnut