Longsword V2

Boston based Electronic Audio Experiments has forged the Longsword.  An op-amp based distortion pedal that takes the topology in a novel direction. Cascaded gain stages allow for tones ranging from clean boost to dynamic distortion to massively clipped fuzz, all with serious output volume available for driving the front end of an amp. The equalizer combines bass and treble shelving filters with an active, semi-parametric midrange boost/cut control. This lets the user sculpt a diverse array of tones and carve out a niche in even the most dense of mixes. The Longsword has a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone guitar, and bass.

The new and improved Longsword Version 2, is built upon the original Longsword that had a limited release in Summer 2015. Changes include the following:

– New and improved PCB layout
– Additional footswitch which engages a second gain mode, set via an internal trimpot (comes from me set to maximum gain)
– New clipping modes: in addition to symmetrical LED clipping, the pedal now features symmetrical germanium clipping (using NOS germanium diodes) and an open setting for pure op amp clipping and increased clean headroom
– Range toggle: adjusts the gain and treble response of the second stage, which is especially useful for taming basses or high-output guitars
– Now capable of running at 18V
– Screen-printed OR acid-etched enclosure

Additional features:
– True Bypass
– Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9-18V
– Top-mounted jacks


Price: $180
Manufacturer: Electronic Audio Experiments
Voltage: 9-18 VDC
Color: Acid Etched Aluminum