instruments for sale

AmPlug2_tn amplug2

Realistic amp tones anytime and anywhere.

Bedrock_1400-tn Bedrock 1400

Loud, punchy, with plenty of crunch.

Kramer-DMZ-5000 DMZ 5000

So many tone sculpting options. This thing can punch, growl, sneer or blanket the world in darkness.

ElkaOrgan_tn Elka X-55

This vintage organ will be your psych-rock, garage-gospel best bud.

Fender Jazzmaster J Mascis-tn Fender J. Mascis Jazzmaster

Purple! Sparkle! Mascis!!!!

SG Bass Head_tn Gibson SG Bass

Iconic shape, classic sound

Martin_tn Martin EB-18

Martin, renown for their acoustics briefly dabbled in electric solid bodies. This is one.

MV50_tn MV50_AC

Classic chime and distinctive crunch with an all-analog pre-amp circuit that features Nutube

Orange-O-Bass-Orange_tn O-Bass

An Instant Classic for Bassists Pursuing Authentic Retro Tone

FenderTwin_tn Twin Reverb

The mega clean, classic heavy weight.

Wabash-tn Wabash Solid State Mini Stack

One of the classiest mini head and speaker cab sets we’ve seen.