Lovetone-Flanger-tn ?: The Flanger With No Name

spaceships and assorted single-engined air transport

EAR_ad4096-delay-tn AD4096 Analog Delay

Flexible and unique analog delay.

ADA.Flanger90s.SBSreference_tn ADA Flanger

90’s reissue of the late 70’s classic

DOD_AmericanMetal_tn American Metal

DOD’s first “modern” distortion and competitor of the HM-2.

AmPlug2_tn amplug2

Realistic amp tones anytime and anywhere.

Abominable Electronics Anxious Echo SBS_tn Anxious Echo

A combination echo and vintage style octave fuzz

Ibanez BiChorus SBS Reference_tn Bi-Mode Chorus BCL

Two independent LFOs

DeviEver.LegendOfFuzz_tn BIT -The Legend of Fuzz

While not a bit crusher it can produce some 8-bitish gnarlyness.

Alesis-Bitrman_tn Bitrman

Bit Crusher, Ring Modulator, Dual Phasor and other signal morphing effects

News item Black Cat Guitar Rangebooster

A modern, NOS take on the Range Master Treble Booster

BlackstoneMosfet_tn Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

A distortion that re-shapes the body of the note, instead of coating it with a noisy fizz.

SnK.Bodybreaker_tn Bodybreaker

Jfet boosted op amp drive with MOSFET clipping

Fuzzrocious Bongripper SBS Reference_tn Bongripper V2

Collaboration between Fuzzrocious and Bongripper.

JHS Cheeseball_tn Cheese Ball

JHS pays tribute to the Lovetone Big Cheese

News item DelayLab

Feature packed! With 30 different delay types

Digitech-PDS1002_tn Digitech PDS Delays

80’s digital delay

EQD Dirt Transmitter-tn Dirt Transmitter

a dual transistor crumbling fuzz tone device

EQD Disaster Transport-tn Disaster Transport

an analog voiced digital delay with modulation control

EQD Disaster Transport Jr-tn Disaster Transport Jr.

an “anti-modern” analog voiced digital delay

Lovetone.Doppelganger_tn Doppelganger

a mesmerising twin oscillator phaser/vibrato from the UK

Dude+Incredible EAE_tn Dude Incredible

Inspired by the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini/Shellac

Mr_Black_Eterna-tn Eterna Reverberator

Reverb with shimmery octave trails

FenderBlenderVintage_tn Fender Blender

An intense late fuzz w/ octave up and clean blend.

Fulltone-Fulldrive2_tn Full-Drive2

Aqua overdrive w/ push-pull compression

FuzzMasterGeneral_tn Fuzz Master General

New take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2/Super Fuzz octave fuzz.

DOD.FX25.Envelope.SBSref_tn FX 25 Envelope Filter

The classic green Auto-Wah

NEA-Tone Source Two_Stealth-tn Garvy J. Tone Source 2 “Stealth”

A rich harmonic wall of distortion

Gibson 12 string-tn Gibson Firebird XII (V-12)

a rare ‘bird from our personal collection

Universal Audio Golden Reverb_tn Golden Reverberator

Digital Models of 3 classics: Tube Spring, Plate 140, Hall 224

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys-tn Gretsch Traveling Wilburys TW100T

Light, easy to play, colorful with twang in spades.

Guitar Star

Noise gate w/ unique envelope shaping capabilities

EAE Halberd_tn Halberd

medium-gain device with the harmonic fullness and grind of a higher-gain pedal Headrush E1

Digital delay and looper that can simulate a 4 head tape echo

Abominable.GCI.Hellsatche_tn HELLSTACHE v2

HELLSTACHE v2 Collab. w/ God City)

EAE Hypersleep SBS Reference_tn Hypersleep

a solid-state analog reverberator w/ a dark, fluttery decay

Euthymia ICBM fuzz SBS Reference_tn ICBM Fuzz

Mid 2000’s interpretation of the IC Big Muff

Ionostrofear_tn Ionostrofear

A thick, massive fuzz descended from the Muff bloodline.

GCI jugendstil_tn JUGENDSTIL

‘90s British shoegaze meets ‘90s Swedish death metal

SBS EQD LifePedal_tn Life Pedal V1

An octave fuzz inspired by the Shin-Ei FY2 & FY6 units leads the circuit into a LM308 brutal rodent big box distortion,

Keeley Loomer SBS Ref_tn Loomer

Wall of Fuzz

Ibanez Metal Charger SBS Reference_tn Metal Charger MS10

A late 80’s/early 90’s take on cranked British amps

BlackstarMetal_tn Metal Valve Distortion

A two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine with a tube (valve) in it!

Moog.RingMod.SBS_tn MF-102 Ring Modulator

conjures beautiful tremolo effects or create bizarre and robotic resonations.

Lone Wolf Minotaur_tn Minotaur

Klon inspired overdrive with the Lone Wolf touch

EQD Monarch-tn Monarch

an all discrete, FET based dirt machine Moon Canyon

A collaboration w/ Noveller

Vintage 1962 Fender Jaguar Mutated 1962 Fender Jaguar

A 1962 Jaguar that mutated to something more.

MV50_tn MV50_AC

Classic chime and crunch with Nutube tech

News item NuVibe

Fumio Mieda reinvents the Univibe.

Orange-O-Bass-Orange_tn O-Bass

An Instant Classic for Bassists Pursuing Authentic Retro Tone

Anasounds Phaser SBS Reference_tn Phase Lag

An organic, psychedelic, atmospheric vintage phaser

News item Pink Beard

Modern, high-gain transistor fuzz

soundtasting-tn Reference Library

  323 Effects/Pure Salem Pink Beard Fuzz    High Gain Transister Fuzz A/DA Flanger (90’s reissue) Abominable Electronics  Anxious Echo (Coliseum Sig.)    Fuzz/Delay Alesis (ModFx)  Bitrman Phlanger Arion    Digital Delay /Sampler DDS-1    Digital Delay Black Cat OD-1 Blackout Effectors Mantra (Ltd […]

T-Rex-Replicator_tn Replicator Tape Echo

The goal was to make a tape echo unit that could nail the sound quality of the old echo units, but surpass them in features.

PushPull SanB_tn San Bernadino

Hand wired overdrive from Boston based builder/Blue Man Group shredder

EAE Sending SBS Reference_tn Sending

EAE upends the world of analog delay

Mooer-ShimVerb-tn ShimVerb

Compact digital reverb with shimmer.

Damelectro Sitar Swami_tn Sitar Swami

A kaleidoscopic mix of octave, flange, and fuzz

News item Sound Projector 25

a low wattage amp with full spectrum tone.

Sovtek_Mig50-tn Sovtek Mig 50

Russian-made 50 watt tube badass.

News item Space Echo RE-201

The legendary Space Echo tape delay.

Dano Spring King_tn Spring King

Real spring reverb with a kick pad for thunderous crashes.

TYM Teenage Fanboost SBS Reference_tn Teenage Fanboost

A linear boost w/ a 6 way frequency selector switch developed for Teenage Fanclub

News item Tera Echo TE-2

a dynamic stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond traditional delay

ampwall_tn The Proving Ground

This is where we test pedals. You can too.

DOD Thrash Master-tn Thrash Master FX59

A high-gain, hot pink monster!

Paul C Tim SBS Reference_tn Tim

natural sounding drive w/ interesting pre/post gain eq

News item Time Shadows

sub-harmonic delay resonator

Maxon True Tube Booster-tn True Tube Booster/OD TBO-9

warm and powerful like a hard-working tube-amp

FenderTwin_tn Twin Reverb

The mega clean, classic heavy weight.

CI Parachute-tn Tychobrahe Parachute

a painstaking re-creation of the classic ’70s Tycobrahe Parapedal

CI Pedalflanger-tn Tycobrahe Pedalflanger

a faithful recreation of one of the rarest pedals ever made

Wabash-tn Wabash Solid State Mini Stack

One of the classiest mini head and speaker cab sets we’ve seen.

News item Wata Fuzz

velvet wrapped fuzz inspired by Boris guitarist Wata.

Native Audio Wilderness_tn Wilderness 1.5

an analog-voiced delay with up to 1000 milliseconds of delay time

Lovetone Wobulator

Stereo Tremolo/Pan

News item Wombtone MKII

smooth phase tones w/ endless possibilities