Guild Flying Star X-88


Hello Heavy Metal! This is the Guild X- 88 Flying Star. A Hot Pink Rock & Roll Warrior. A lover and a fighter. As seen in the Motley Crue video “Too Young to Fall in Love.” Unleash your inner Mick Mars. Party like it’s 1984.

This American made Guild dates to the mid 1980’s. Somewhat uncharacteristic from a company better known for archtops and acoustics. They were known to dabble in solid bodys…quite well in my opinion. And after all, it was the 80’s. Big Hair, spandex, pyrotechnics and furious fretwork ruled the day. The X-88 were produced from 1984-1986.

Plays and sounds great. With an active EMG pickup and single volume control. Simple. Bold. The Kahler tremolo with fine tuners has a locking nut on an ebony fret board. Dive Bomb anyone? And did you catch those star inlays? Despite its larger than life star shape it is well balanced and comfortable to play.  The all black neck and headstock is quite sticking against the pink body.

Given its age and hard rock pedigree it has been well maintained and has only the minor nicks and scuffs expected with a vintage guitar. Comes with original hardshell case.


Guildx88_fret Guildx88_head Guildx88_trem

Price: $975
Manufacturer: Guild
Color: Pink