Garvy J. Tone Source 2

NEA-Tone Source TwoThe Garvy J. Tone Source 2 is a beautifully simple yet thrillingly complex distortion. A collaborative creation between Natick Electrical Apparatus (NEA) and Plastigas Media Group. Hand-made in the USA with military spec wiring. With only a volume and gain control you are given a wide range of sounds to explore.

This unique pedal delivers a deep, rich, harmonic wall of distortion.  While Roger Mayer’s classic Mongoose served as the starting point this is ultimately a production version of the custom modified distortion used by Garvy J. in Boston’s seminal cult band The Elevator Drops. As best heard on the Elevator Drops album 1997’s “popbus.”

Each pedal is built with the same attention to detail, military spec wiring,
exacting standards and will be hand signed and inspected by Garvy J. himself.

Price: $175 (Sold Out)
Manufacturer: NEA
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Orange & White