Fender J. Mascis Jazzmaster

The Purple Sparkle J. Mascis Jazzmaster. Crafted in Japan, this JM sports a gold anodized pick guard, jumbo frets, 25.5″ scale, adjusto-matic bridge, the vintage reissue single coil pick-ups give it a bright, aggressive sound. Perfect for loading on layers of fuzz. The neck has a Gibson-esque quality. Solid and stylish. Comes with a hard shell case and all the candy.







Mascis Jazzmaster_BoutNeck Mascis Jazzmaster_headstock_front mascis_jazzmaster_case candy mascis_jazzmaster_headstock_back mascis_jazzmaster_whammy J Mascis_body_back J Mascis_lower body

Price: $1250
Manufacturer: Fender
Voltage: n/a
Color: pink/gold