Alesis-Bitrman_tn Bitrman

Bit Crusher, Ring Modulator, Dual Phasor and other signal morphing effects

Be Crystal Dagger-tn Crystal Dagger

a dual harmonic device comprised of fuzz and modulation circuits

OBNE_Dweller_tn Dweller

A phaser with a delay inside.

Fuzzrocious Electric Ocean_tn Electric Ocean

Live at the beach all year long with this chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.

GrandOrbiterv2_tn Grand Orbiter V3

with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly.

Anasounds Phaser SBS Reference_tn Phase Lag

An organic, psychedelic, atmospheric vintage phaser

Maxon Phase Tone-tn Phase Tone PT999

a smooth and simple transparent phaser

Empress_Phaser_Tn Phaser

Tap tempo & 8 waveforms

RHFX_PHASER_tn RHFX Analog Phaser

An 8-stage analog Phaser gives warmth and richness and swirl to your tone

Twin-Lazers MrBlack_tn Twin Lazers

this is true-stereo phase shifting at its finest

vanguard_tn Vanguard

Two phasers working together to give unimaginable texture with three selectable modes

ZVEX_Vobrophase_tn Vibrophase

Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

News item Wombtone MKII

smooth, vintage tones that harken back to the 70s while retaining the ability to get plenty weird and psychedelic