Alesis-Bitrman_tn Bitrman

Bit Crusher, Ring Modulator, Dual Phasor and other signal morphing effects

Be Crystal Dagger-tn Crystal Dagger

a dual harmonic device comprised of fuzz and modulation circuits

OBNE_Dweller_tn Dweller

A phaser with a delay inside.

Mr Black GilaMondo-tn GilaMondo

A truly unique eight-stage phase shifter extraordinaire

GrandOrbiterv2_tn Grand Orbiter V2

with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly.

MXR_Phase100-tn Phase 100 M107

the Phase 90’s big brother with an even broader range of sounds

Maxon Phase Tone-tn Phase Tone PT999

a smooth and simple transparent phaser

Empress_Phaser_Tn Phaser

Tap tempo & 8 waveforms

RHFX_PHASER_tn RHFX Analog Phaser

An 8-stage analog Phaser gives warmth and richness and swirl to your tone

BlackoutEffectors-Sibling-tn Sibling

An analog OTA phase & ring modulator.

vanguard_tn Vanguard

Two phasers working together to give unimaginable texture with three selectable modes

ZVEX_Vobrophase_tn Vibrophase

Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

BE Whetstone-tn Whetstone

an analog OTA-based phaser with many modern parameters