DMZ 5000

Kramer-DMZ-5000_fullProduced from 1979-1980 The DMZ series is named for the DiMarzio pickups utilized in several models. A departure from the Fender-esque shape of the DMZ 4000 & 4001 bodies, the DMZ 5000 body was thinner with an aggressively sleek styling. Double cutaway walnut/maple body. Forked headstock .Aluminum neck with wood inserts. Ebonol fret board with crown inlays. 2 pickups with volume and tones for each. Two coil tap switches a toggle switch pickup selector. So many tone sculpting options. Wide yet thin neck. Very comfortable and easy to fret especially at the lower frets. This thing can punch, growl, sneer or blanket the world in darkness. Comes with original Kramer hard case.

Kramer-DMZ-5000_01 Kramer-DMZ-5000_02 Kramer-DMZ-5000_05 Kramer-DMZ-5000_06 Kramer-DMZ-5000_03 Kramer-DMZ-5000_04 Kramer-DMZ-5000_07 Kramer-DMZ-5000_08 Kramer-DMZ-5000_09

Price: $1100
Manufacturer: Kramer
Voltage: n/a
Color: Natural walnut/maple