Deluxe D-2F

Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_full2004-2008 Single Cutaway. Carved mahogany. Red sparkle top. 2 Humbuckers; cool vintage styling, afford ably priced.

While this is certainly easy on the eyes, it plays wonderfully. Neck is not too thin nor too wide. No sharp over hanging frets. The bridge pickup has a nice serrated edge that cuts through when matched with a good fuzz or distortion.

The art deco tuners complement the rakish headstock. The semi-semi hollow body is a comfortable weight. Feels substantial, yielding a nice sustain without the heft of a Les Paul or similar solid body. An enjoyable player’s instrument ideally suited for someone looking for a bit of panache to compliment the sound. No case

Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_07 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_06 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_03 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_02 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_05 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_04 Hagstrom-Vintage-Deluxe_01

Price: $400
Manufacturer: Hagstrom
Color: red sparkle