Celebrating 8 years & 200 Pedals


To celebrate 8 years of chasing the creative spirit we wanted to do something big. This assembly of 200 effects was done as an homage to our friends, family, the pedal builders, companies, and musicians that have made Stompbox Sonic possible. Building off a 2009 video our friend Andy Abrahamson and I made with 16 fuzzes and the Pedals & Effects “100 pedals” video by Juan Alderete & Nick Reinhart from March 2016. We imagined making some noise with 200 of our favorite pedals. At first we dismissed the idea as completely absurd. Too many pedals, too many things to go wrong.
The notion kept on nagging so we decided to go for it. Key considerations needed to be addressed to execute such a foolhardy quest. Most important was not to one-up Juan & Nick for competition’s sake. We have the utmost respect for those guys. The insights and passion they bring to the gear world make it an enjoyable place. If Juan & Nick’s video was Pet Sounds could we make Sgt. Pepper? We wanted to make them proud!


Space: Plenty of room to assemble & test. And to wow onlookers
Organization: With many potential points of failure, need an easy way to isolate, test & troubleshoot.
Control: Once everything is on then what?
Overkill Factor: It’s not enough to simply scale up the number of pedals. What else ya got?
Sharing is Caring: If you build it…
Space was solved by Q Division Studios. Studio A is spacious, the studio vibe is comfortable, the staff always game to dowse the creative sparks with whatever auditory accelerant seems appropriate. The key to Organization & Control would be to break the effects into groups that could be bypassed. Eight groups of Twenty Five that could be turned on/or off as desired. Overkill had to involve tape echoes and tube reverb units. Oh, and a bunch of rad amps! If we can get this all compiled & assembled let’s get friends over to make some noise then see how people react. Will anything musical can come through?

Gear Selection

Sound and variety were considerations but pedal choices ran deeper. This would be our version of the Sgt. Pepper album cover; pedals we use, that remind us of people & bands we love, companies we have worked with over the past 8 years or one day hope to, they are represented as well as contributions from friends. Some of the SBS best sellers are in the mix, the Supermoon & Eterna from Mr. Black, the BeneFuzz from Nerd Knuckle. The PDS 1002 ties back to my first exposure to delay in the late 80’s and is a nod to early musical influences, Galaxie 500. Jen’s custom Heliotropic from Fuzzrocious with artwork by Shannon Ratajski pays tribute to one of Jen’s favorite bands and how much we love what Ryan & Shannon do. The Alesis Bitrman a shoutout to Kevin Micka & all our friends in the Animal Hospital Ensemble. EarthQuaker Devices and Maxon/Godlyke were among the first companies that took us on as dealers.

As the planning progressed we reached out to friends to fill in some gaps. Space Echoes from Zac McGowan, Amp selector, powered pedal board, and assorted effects from Andy Abrahamson, Kurt Ballou brought two GodCity prototypes, a Roland tape echo and a few other effects, Coppersound Pedals provided a “Hail Mary Pass” in the form of their Polaris chorus pedal just as the video shoot began, a bypass looper from Walrus Audio, Lava Cables & Truetone made sure cable & power needs were met. Rafi & Q Division contributed several pedals including a bronze Centaur, the amps (Leslie, Hiwatt, and more) and they mic’d everything and produced a high quality recording of the sound summoned into existence. Each piece of gear has a story and a village came together to raise this noisy child.


With something of this scale, you learn a lot about what you are physically and mentally capable of in the planning and on the day of. Years of experience, educated guesses, spreadsheets, dumb luck, and force of will made it possible. As did stepping away from it all from time to time. Easy enough to lose perspective so bringing in fresh eyes and ears was vital to success as it was for sanity.

Assembling, scheming and getting it all connected presented a number of challenges both anticipated and unexpected. One take away, thinking of the cumulative sound. It is not about having a single effect shine above the rest, they are all part of a whole. The dry/wet mix level on most of the reverbs and delays was set between 4-10% wet.
On the day of the video shoot, Jen & I figured if nothing else, people would have fun seeing the collection. That we would kick up a wild racket. It was amazing how cathartic controlling that leviathan was. Watching, hearing how different musicians interacted with the pedals was inspiring. Each developing their own strategy, some tried to tame it, others rode the waves. The sound in the room was all encompassing. It was empowering. There was a physicality to it. You weren’t playing notes or chords, you were a sorceress or warlock with untold power at your fingertips.

With any luck this video will bring a smile to your face, encourage you to do something different or unexpected. If you find yourself in a rut perhaps this will provide inspiration to challenge perceived limitations or to find new ways of circumnavigating negativity & doubt.

We hope you enjoy the video. It was a pleasure working with Treebeard Media & Demovids. Gilday’s direction ensured the magic taking place in the performance space and in interviews were well documented. With humor and easy going vibes, Kurt and Nate brought out the best during interviews. Floating through the space, Erin and Stephen captured the excitement of the event. Courtney deftly organized hours of audio and what would have been miles worth of footage (had they shot on film) together to encapsulate the evening into its brightest moments.

Adam Brilla

Jen & I would like to heap an extra serving of thanks to the following folks:

Rafi Sofer & Q Division Studios
Andy Abrahamson
Zac McGowan
Erin Genett, Treebeard Media
Stephen LoVerme, Treebeard Media
Courtney Gilday
Michael Gilday
Kurt Ballou
Nate Newton
Michael Hutcherson
Pam Larson
Philip Hunsicker, Walrus Audio
Cristo’s Kitchen

Now, on to the gear….

Voodoo Labs Selector
Channel 1 (combo amps) to a/b/y pedal
one side was mid 60’s Fender Deluxe,
the other was Andy Abrahamson’s champ inspired custom build

Channel 2 (“loud amps”) to an a/b/y pedal
on the left the Hiwatt AP-DR504 (w/ 4×12) with a Roland Space Echo in front of it,
on the right the Matchless HR-30 (w/ 1×12), with another Roland Space Echo in front of it, creating a pseudo stereo effect.

Channel 3 (bass rig)
Ampeg V6B solid state amp running into the Gigolo Aunts 8×10 Ampeg SVT bass cab

Channel 4
Leslie rotating speaker cabinet, which people could switch fast and slow


Ernie Ball Volume


Walrus Transit Switcher/FX Loop A

Tym Effects Teenage Fanboost
Push+Pull Pedals San B Overdrive
Fulltone Full Drive 2
Emma Electronic StinkBug
Electronic Audio Experiments  Model feT
Klon KTR
Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic
Walrus Audio Mayflower
Tube Works RealTube Overdrive
Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive
Paul Cochrane  Tim
Orange Amplifiers Two Stroke
Fuzzrocious LunaReclipse
Blackout Effectors Mantra
Emerson Custom Em Drive
EarthQuaker Devices Crimson Drive
Midfi Magick “I”
EarthQuaker Devices Arrows
Mesa Boogie V-Twin Preamp
Empress Multidrive
smallsound/bigsound Mini
Emerson Paramount
Fuzzrocious Cat King
Fuzzrocious Bax Stabber
Klon Centaur (bronze)

Lone Wolf Audio — Left Hand Wrath
Maxon SM-9 Pro Super Metal Distortion
Marshall ShredMaster
Tortuga Effects Death Adder
Tym Effects TMKF Distortion
Tokai TDS-1 Distortion
Retro-Sonic Distortion
Garvy J Tone Source 2
ProTone Jason Becker
Orange Kongpressor
Fuzzrocious Ram The Man Parts
EarthQuaker Devices Gray Channel
Greer 390 Vintage Preamp
Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer
EarthQuaker Devices Talons
EarthQuaker Devices Bellows
EarthQuaker Devices Chrysalis
Mr Black Thunderclaw
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault
Nerd Knuckle Effects BeneFuzz
Nerd Knuckle Effects Martyr Box
Push+Pull Pedals Triton Fuzz
JHS Calhoun Limited Edition
Orange Bax Bangeetar

ZVEX Woolly Mammoth
Abominable Electronics Anxious Echo
Wren and Cuff Box of War
masf wata fUZZ
Dwarfcraft EauClaire Thunder  (Boris Ltd. Ed.)
PureSalem 323 Pink Beard
Maxon FE10 Fuzz Elements – Ether
Hovercraft Ionostrofear
ZVEX Octane
Devi Ever Shoegazer
Nerd Knuckle Effects Baba Yaga
Orange Fur Coat Fuzz
Fuzzrocious Heliotropic
smallsound/bigsound Team Awesome
Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible
GodCity SBD
Tym Effects Engine of Ruin Dylan Carlson Signature Distortion
Friday Club Fuzwami
Catalinbread Antichthon
Mid-Fi Electronics PsychByke
Catalinbread Katzenkönig
MXR Slash Octave Fuzz
Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh
Black Arts Toneworks Black Sheep

Empress Compressor
EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay
Mr Black Double Chorus
Red Panda Bit Map
Boss PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay
TC Electronic SubnUp
Coppersound Polaris
Electro Harmonix Mel9
Electro Harmonix Synth9
EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine
EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid
EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery
Midfi Electronics Pitch Pirate
Maxon Ambient Stereo Chorus ASC10
Peavey CMC-1 Companded Chorus
EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine
Ibanez Bi-Mode Chorus
Red Witch Chorus
Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator
Alesis Bitrman
Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
Dwarfcraft Wizard Of Pitch
Walrus Audio Luminary
Electro Harmonix Superego
MidFi Electronics Clarinot


Walrus Transit Switcher/FX Loop B

VFE Bumble Bee
Old Blood Noise Reflector
SolidGoldFX Stutter Tremolo
Empress Tremolo2
Tortuga Effects Galapagos
MXR Univibe M68
Catalinbread Pareidolia
Dwarfcraft Twin Stags
EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird
Fuzzrocious Feed Me
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire
Empress Phaser
Maxon Phase Tone PT999
EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter
Mr Black Shepard’s End
Mid-Fi Electronics Electric Yggdrasil
Tortuga Optune Vibrato
Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
Rainger FX Deep Space Pulsar
ZVEX Super Seek Wah
FullTone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 Stereo Tremolo
Lovetone ? Flanger
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress
A/DA (Reissue) Flanger

Strymon Blue Sky
Caroline Météore
Red Panda Context
Coppersound Daedalus
EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath
EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo
EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser
Mr Black SuperMoon
Mr Black Eterna
Mr Black Ambience
Mr Black DeluxePlus
Catalinbread Topanga
Aalberg ROM RO-1
Malekko Spring Chicken
Old Blood Noise Endeavors DarkStar Pad Reverb
Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb
Keeley Memphis Sun
Keeley GoldStar Reverb
MXR Reverb M300
Fuzzrocious Afterlife
BlackOut Effectors Cadavernous
TC Electronics T2 Reverb
TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2
Lone Wolf Audio Backhand Reverb
Danelectro Spring King

Delay 1
MXR Echoplex
Tortuga Effects Gecko
Walrus Audio ARP-87
Catalinbread Belle Epoch
Catalinbread Adineko
Rainger FX Echo-X
Retro-Sonic Analog Delay
Caroline KiloByte
EarthQuaker Devices Space Spirals
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master
MXR Carbon Copy M169
EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport JR
Dwarfcraft Minivan
Mr Black Downward Spiral
Mr Black TrancePortal
Maxon AD10 Analog Delay
Mr Black Dark Echo
Electro Harmonix Canyons
TC Electronics Flashback Delay
Catalinbread Echorec
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run
Aalberg Ekko EK-1
Pigtronix Echolution 2 Filter Pro
Red Panda Raster
Red Panda Particle

Delay 2
Eventide Space
Ibanez AD9 (Keeley modded)
DMD Lunar Echo
Walrus Bellweather (V1)
Friday Club ED-450
Arion Digital Delay Sampler DDS-1
TC Electronics Nova Delay
Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay
Red Witch Violet (7 Sisters)
Digitech PDS 1002
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen
Montreal Assembly CountTo5
Red Witch Titan
Boss TerraEcho TE-2
Catalinbread CSIDMAN
Catalinbread Bicycle Delay
Lovepedal Echophonic Jr.
Source Nemesis
Boss DM-2 Waza
Boss Space Echo RE-20
Empress EchoSytem
Analog Man ARDX20 Delay
Endangered Audio Research AD4096
Strymon Brigadier
Eventide TimeFactor

Tape Echo/Reverb Units
Supro 500R Tube Reverb
Roland Chorus Echo RE-501
T-rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo
Guyatone FR-3000v Tube Reverb



Stompbox Sonic:
Musicman St. Vincent
Fender Jaguar, 1962 (mutant)
Orange O-Bass

Various Guest instruments:
Delta Harp (AH)
Viola (DMC)
Jason Sanford Custom/Sculpture
Hagstrom (TZ)
Gibson Bass (CL)