Brown Dog Gated Fuzz

The Brown Dog brings a new bark to the world of fuzz. Designed specifically for bass guitar, its full frequency response and robust gain will add depth and authority to any players sound. Independent Clean and Dirty Level controls with switchable EQ allow for a wide variety of fuzz effects, from subtle crunch to rampaging waves of meat. All this power is reigned in by the Brown Dogs unique gating system, which will keep your bass lines punchy and well defined in any situation. At lower settings the Gate will keep your sound tight and noise free, while at maximum with the Drive control dimed youve got the meanest sounding synth bass ever. The Brown Dog also features a Control Voltage In so that it can be controlled by external devices, allowing for even more tonal possibilities. Hook it up in various combinations with the Agent Funk Mark II and achieve some of the most unique synth-bass sounds ever! Give your Bass a whole new growl with the Brown Dog!

Price: $Sold Out
Manufacturer: Chunk Systems
Voltage: 9VDC
Dimensions: 4 1/8" w x 4 3/4" d x 2 9/16" h
Color: brown